We provide a wide range legal service mainly including areas
as follows:
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International Investment

rarrow.gif (1120 bytes)Litigation & Arbitration

rarrow.gif (1120 bytes)Finance & Securities

rarrow.gif (1120 bytes)Merger & acquisition

rarrow.gif (1120 bytes)Property

International Investment

· Establishing the enterprises with foreign investment
a) Setting up of items
Assisting investors to analyze and evaluate the environment
for investment; to present the proposal on the choice of
establishing equity joint venture, contractual joint venture,
wholly foreign owned enterprise or other vehicles meeting the
purpose of investors; to seek partners in China and participate
in the negotiations to reach the target of cooperation; to
submit the certification issued by lawyers as the require of
clients (regarding subject of partner, property rights, etc);
to draft and review Letter of Intent, Project Proposal,
Feasibility Study report, Contract and Article of association;
provide the models or forms and review the documents such as
Board Resolution and Power of attorney, etc.
b) Approval period
Providing the list of required material and assisting to go
through the procedure to approve and register and others if
c) Assisting the establishment of representative office

· Operating enterprises
a) Bylaws
Drafting and reviewing the bylaws to be abided by the laws
and regulations in China;
b) Various agreements and contracts
Participating in the negotiations and drafting and reviewing
various agreements and contracts as follows:
Sales contract; Loan agreement; Lease contract;
Finance leasing agreement; Construction contract;
Trust agreement; Keeping contract; Storage agreement;
Technical contract; Guarantee agreement and other contracts
between the enterprise and the other party;
c) Transferring shares & Acquisitions
Assisting to prepare transferring shares and acquisition
affairs; to draft and review the relevant legal documents;
to carry out investigation or study if necessary; to present
legal opinion and certification issued by lawyers;
d) Labor relationship
Drafting and reviewing the labor contract between employer
and employee; settling down the disputes arising from the
labor relationship;
e) Finance & Taxation
Advising on the finance, taxation and foreign currency of
the enterprise;
f) Other legal affairs
Advising on other legal affairs such as intellectual
property and environment protection

· Merger, Reorganization & Reinvestment
Assisting to investigate and study the environment of the
merger, reorganization and reinvestment; to analyze the
advantages and disadvantages; to participant in the
negotiation; to draft and review the relevant legal
documents; to present the required legal opinion and

· Liquidation & Bankruptcy
Assisting to proceed to the legal procedure of liquidation
and bankruptcy; to present legal opinion and certification;

· Commercial loan
Drafting and reviewing various commercial loan agreements;
presenting legal opinion and relative legal service;

· Processing of raw materials & Compensation trading
Providing the legal service on processing of external
client's materials, assembly of their components,
manufacturing with their examples and compensation trading;
· Leasing business
Providing the related legal service of advice and project
evaluation on leasing business;

Litigation & Arbitration

· Dispute of Parches and sale contract
· Dispute Pute of Advertisement
· Commercial and financial disputes
· Foreign Investment in China
· Intellectual property disputes
· Investment disputes
· Labor disputes
· Real property disputes
· Domestic and international arbitration
· Taxation
· Environmental law
· Fair trade and consumer protection law
· Construction law

Finance & Securities

· Syndicated loans for various industrial projects
· Project finance
· Finance leasing
· Compensation trade
· Banking matters including secured and unsecured loans
· International fund raisings
· Advise on foreign exchange control an balancing
· State-owned enterprises' restructuring and reorganizations
· Issuance and Listings of shares in China and international markets
· Issuance of bond (including convertible bond)
· Issues of ADR & GDR

Merger & acquisition

· Listed companies
· unlisted companies


· Title registration
· Sales agreement
· Leasing agreement
· Bank mortgages
· Property management
· Property development for various facilities